the album took me nearly 2 years to write, after writing something for so long it's hard to know exactly what it is or what i intended to make. ive loved electronic music since i found it as a kid. a disk replacement surgery in 2018 threw me into a whole journey.

he cover art is the spine of the late Frida Kahlo. a very inspiring woman and artist. thankfully my xray looks clean and un-interesting, but this image just blew me away. 

 i tried to make an album that combined all my passions for music, energy, attitudes and culture.

i dont feel like im joyryde, i always feel joyryde as a mood or style I fight to find in the studio or a 'place' im trying to get back to. 

​a lot went into this. its not for me to say if its great or not, but I wanted it to be. I feel its a record joyryde deserved. 

jonney x